Biography of Helen Juren

Helen Juren is a fiery, full of life, down-to-earth artist singer-songwrigter, with a sense of the impalpable and a way with words that can make them travel. A playful, spicy, bewitching, joyous, feminine creator, Helen Juren’s "Folk Rock World" musical universe is a mix of World and French music, between earth and sky. Her songs tell tales of encounters between diverse cultures with balkan rhythms and melodies from Africa and the Orient. Helen’s lyrics evoke universal subjects such as love, women, peace, war, exile, solitude, and desire. Between music, dance, painting and theater, she compose with Thierry Le Pollès on the guitar.  

In 2008, she won the French songwriting contest « Debout les Mots » (« Standing Words ») patronized by Loïc Lantoine, under the wing of the famous music hall theatre Les 3 Baudets in Paris.